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Respiratory Therapy Humor
The following is common humor heard in various RT Caves around the world. The opinions expressed belong to the various authors, and do not represent the views of the institutions they work for, nor the RT Cave.  Most posts involve generalizations.  Any resemblance to persons living or dead is merely coincidental. 
  1. Real Physician's Creed
  2. Fake 'Olins
  3. More Fake 'Olins
  4. Albuterol: Not just for bronchospasm anymore
  5. It's a hoax folks: Hoaxanex
  6. Ativan Nebs:  A treatment whose time has come
  7. Exageration of asthma: staticus asthmaticus
  8. Study: Ventolin Shown to Prolong Life
  9. Ventolin linked to EKGs
  10. Ventolin now indicated for low pressure
  11. A couple new diseases
  12. Rhonchi-eeeeeeeeze
  13. New Ventolin prolongs life -- forever!!
  14. New Super Strength Ventolin discovered
  15. Ventolin now a productive mucus thinner
  16. New Study: Xoponex now a humidifier
  17. Asthma versus Fatsma
  18. A world where doctors are trained by RTs
  19. Here's how it's determined how to treat patients
  20. Catsma
Humor Lexicons:
Breathing Treatments:
  1. New 'olin washes pneumonia right out of alveoli
  2. New brand of Ventolin now increases potassium
  3. New types of Vent-'olin discovered
  4. New indication for Albuterol Nebulizers
  5. Bronchodilator Osmosis
  6. Quote of the day -- Imaginary wheezes
  7. Faux priorities of RTs, and how to prioritize
  8. Q4ever treatments
  9. A nebulizer is not a microphone
  10. Here's what you chart when you're forced to miss a treatment  
  11. Ventolin:  The second coming of Christ
  12. Annoying LS Buterol
  13. Deflatolin
  14. Acid-uterol
  15. Treat Hypercapnea with Hypoxolin
  16. Alcuriol for lungsounds: Fake advertisement
  17. Fake ventolin theories I've actually heard 
  18. Ventolin rids body of evil spirits and demons
Respiratory Therapists:
Respiratory Therapy Apathy:
  1. Respiratory Therapy Apathy Syndrome
  2. Solution to RT Apathy
  3. RT Apathy sign of greater problem
  4. I'm infested with RATS  
  5. Respiratory Therapy Depression
  6. Meet Dave, the apathetic RT
RT Creed Products:
  1. The Amazing: Telebiokinetosphere
  2. The Amazing Wheezoscope
  3. The Amazing Grumpometer
  4. The Amazing Telekinoscope
  5. The Amazing GPSoscope 
  6. GLAS GPSoscope
  7. Panic Button on Beeper
  8. Lab test for bronchospasm 
  9. Wrist Pulse Oximeter
  10. Flavored Ventolin
MCAT Questions:
Questions from the pre-med test regarding respiratory therapy in order to qualify a physician for admission to the esoteric medical society, and access to the Real Physician's Creed.  
  1. MCAT question #32
  2. MCAT question #33
  3. MCAT question #34
  4. MCAT question #35
  5. MCAT question #36
  6. MCAT question #37
  7. MCAT question #38
  8. MCAT question #39
  9. MCAT question #40
  10. MCAT question #41
  11. MCAT question #42
  12. MCAT question #43
  13. MCAT question #44
  14. MCAT question #45
  15. MCAT question #46
  16. MCAT question #47
  17. MCAT question #48
  18. MCAT question #49
  19. MCAT question #50
  20. MCAT question #51
  21. MCAT question #52
  22. MCAT question #53
  23. MCAT question #54
  24. MCAT quesiton #55 
  1. The carbon copy blue bloater
  2. Treatment plan for man with a lung tumor
  3. The five different types of COPD patients
  4. Have you seen this patient???
  5. Stereotypical patient
  6. Thief of nebs
  7. What is a slug patient?
  8. Cat causes low SpO2?
Outside links worth visiting:
Links often become inactive over time
  2. RTs, you gotta watch these
  3. The seven dwarves of the ICU (sadly, this is no longer available)
  4. The frequent flyer club
  5. RTs -vs- RNs
  6. The naked, the fat and the dead
  7. Musants
  8. Video of the week:
  9. Here's why it's easier just to do the treatment (video link)