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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ventolin now productive mucus thinner

The infamous Dr. Krane has impressed me with her wisdom once again. If you guys remember, she is the one who discovered that Xoponex is more than just a bronchodilator, that it is also a humidifier of the airways.

She is also the same doctor who orders treatments in ER "Now, and again in one hour." She is so smart that she knows before the first treatment is given that it will work, and that the patient will be short of breath again in one hour. Awesome. Brilliant. All doctors and RTs ought to worship this lady as the Einstein of Respiratory Therapy.  She is obviously a strong supporter of the real physician's creed.

Today, I must inform you (and I am very impressed I must add), that Dr. Krane (fake name mind you), ordered me to do a second treatment on a patient who has a cardiac history and renal failure, and who also had crackles in the left base, which is indicative of pneumonia and not bronchospasm.

As the treatment was going, I asked the patient, "Are you feeling short-of-breath."

"No, actually I feel better," the patient mused.

"I ordered the treatment," Dr. Krane intervened, "because her sats were in the mid 80s and I thought the treatment might help with that, and open her up."  Then she added with a snarl: "I also think that she has thick sputum, and that treatment might loosen things up a bit."

So there!!!

I looked at her countenance to see if perhaps she might be smiling. I mean, she was joking right? Nope. No smile. She looked serious as usual.

I did smile, though.

She said, "What's so funny!"

I couldn't answer.  Instead, I bit my cheek to prevent myself from laughing further.  In my mind, I was laughing at the fact that she just reminded me a new 'olin compliments of the real physician's creed.

It used to be called Mucusolin, and then the name was changed to thinolin during the IPPB rush of the 1980s, but more recently it's called Mucobuterol.  It's a revolutionary new medicine, included in ventolin somehow, that has the ability to thin secretions.  It is far more effective than Mucomyst.

To see a full list of 'olins check here.

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