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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The 3 different types of baby cries

With a 3 month old baby at home, I am now a baby expert. Which works very well for when I have to work with babies at work

You have a baby on q4 hour treatments. You walk into the room. He is bawling. What do you do? The answer is based on the type of cry

Here are the three types of cries:
  1. Where the hell am I: This cry is often similar to the I'm hungry cry, except it calms down when you snuggle. It is an adamant, high pitched, prolonged expiratory short inspiratory gaspy cry. The decibel range can reach 300, so it cannot be mistaken. Once baby calms down you can do the treatment, but you may have to rock the baby.
  2. I'm hungry: Similar to cry above, except the only thing to soothe it is yum yums. Don't you dare try the treatment before sleep.
  3. I'm tired: More like a whiny, sniffly cry. Can be soothed by any of the following: num nums, nipple, booby, snuggling, blanky, etc. The treatment can be given once the baby is calmed or sleeping.

Well, there you have it. I hope this little lesson helps one or two of you RT Students out there.

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