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Monday, January 22, 2007

Asthma Wisdom

Latest News

  1. Seven Classic Asthma Medicines To Be Discontinued (7-6-2010)
  2. Were you sick with allergies yesterday (11-18-10)
Sources of Asthma Wisdom:
  1. List of asthma blogs
  2. Related blogs and recommended links
  3. My Hardluck Asthma Blog
  4. My Hardluck Asthma story
  5. Other asthma links
  6. Asthma Lexicon
  7. Asthma FAQ

Basic Asthma Wisdom:

  1. Asthma facts.
  2. 20 more facts about asthma
  3. Asthma Statistics
  4. What is asthma?
  5. The signs and symptoms of asthma
  6. How to gain control of your asthma
  7. How asthma is diagnosed
  8. Everything asthmatics need to know about pulmonary function testing (PFTs)
  9. Know your asthma triggers and how to avoid them
  10. What is an asthma Action Plan and how to create one
  11. Exercise Induced Asthma
  12. 7 best exercises for asthmatics
  13. How to use your peak flow meter
  14. Why Your Peak Flow Meter Is An Important Tool
  15. How to tell if your asthma is controlled
  16. Why asthmatics need to exercise
  17. The Hygiene Hypothesis, or what causes one to get asthma
  18. How to find the best daycare for your child with asthma
  19. 20 reasons not to smoke if you have asthma
  20. Asthmatics, YOU are not alone! The new worldwide asthma community!
  21. 10 tips to help asthmatics prepare for national disaster
  22. Types of airflow obstruction
  23. Don't waver! Seek help for bad asthma
  24. 9 reasons you must never forget you have asthma
  25. 10 things that are essential for all asthmatics
  26. Is it cold or allergies triggering your asthma
  27. Have baby with asthma? Here's 10 tips to watch out for
  28. Is your asthma doctor out of date

Asthma medication:

  1. What asthma medicine is best for you
  2. Asthma medicines
  3. Asthma medicine lexicon (coming soon)
  4. The Debate: Albuterol or Lebalbuterol
  5. Competition for Advair may soon lower prices
  6. You should not be afraid to use Advair and symbicort
  7. MDI or Nebulizer: Which one works best for your child
  8. Here's what asthma meds cost
  9. Are bronchodilators safe? A Q and A about Albuterol
  10. Modern Meds may cause fatal asthma (but not the way you might think)
  11. Symbicort may offer new option for asthmatics
  12. A concern of expectant mothers: are asthma meds safe for baby
  13. Theophylline no longer top line asthma medicine
  14. Alternative medicines for asthma
  15. Does Advair cause weight gain?
  16. Antihistamines may cause weight gain

Asthma tips from a fellow asthmatic:

  1. Asthma forgetfulness and asthma honesty

Information about exercising with asthma:

  1. Alright asthmatics! Here's your incentive to get in shape this year
  2. Even we asthmatics can run
  3. Exercise Induced Asthma

Interesting Facts About Asthma:

  1. Asthma linked to anxiety and depression
  2. The link between COPD and asthma
  3. Types of airway obstuction (Asthma, bronchitis, Emphysema, or a combination)
  4. 10 asthma myths busted
  5. 13 Things We Asthmatics Can Be Thankful For
  6. Kids with asthma can and should play team sports
  7. Seven Ways Asthma Has Benefited My Life
  8. Seven Benefits of Being a Dad with Asthma
  9. 10 tips to becoming a better asthma dad
  10. Asthmatics can lead a normal life
  11. What are long-term effects of asthma?
  12. c-sections increase risk of asthma by 80%
  13. The common sense approach to hard luck asthma
  14. 8 factors may increase risk of fatal asthma
  15. case study: Does intervention worsen asthma?
  16. Is it possible pure asthma is NOT a fatal disease?
  17. Bronchospasms don't always wheeze
  18. Asthma/COPDers should avoid pop & beer
  19. Chronic lungers and fans go hand in hand
  20. Lack of interest in asthma means less funding
  21. Cardiac asthma should not be treated as asthma
  22. Some good asthma/COPD drugs get a bad rap
  23. Airway remodeling in asthma patients
  24. Asthma Hospitalizations on the Decline
  25. Studies Link Alcohol to Worsening Asthma/Allergies
  26. Asthma is not all in your head
History and future of Asthma:

  1. Check out these 19th century asthma remedies
  2. Check out these ancient asthma remedies
  3. Neat website I found with old asthma medicines
  4. Susphrine: The asthma wonder drug of old
  5. It's time to bring back susphrine
  6. Asthma cigarettes served a useful purpose
  7. I'd like to meet asthmatic Teddy Roosevelt
  8. From asthma cigarettes to a normal life
  9. Asthma: A cure may be on the horizon
  10. Scientists develop new cure for asthma, allergies

Types of Asthmatics and inspiring asthma stories:

  1. The 11 types of asthma patients (or click here for the lexicon)
  2. Meet Jake Gallant, the perfect asthmatic
  3. Meet Joe Goofus: The Asthmatic You Don't Want To Be (But Probably Are)
  4. Being the Best Asthma Patient You Can Be
  5. Are you a bronchodilatoraholic?
  6. Confessions of a recovering bronchodilatoraholic
  7. Bronchodilator Anxiety
  8. The "Wet Noodle" Technique Works For Keeping Calm During An Asthma Attack
  9. The Phlegmatic Asthmatic
  10. Some Asthmatics are Good Actors
  11. The Doubting Thomas Asthmatics
  12. Confessions of an asthmatic in denial
  13. Meet Breathin' Stephen, the Hard Luck Asthmatic On His Way to the Boston Marathon
  14. Breathin' Stephen, the Hardluck Asthmatic, completes Boston Marathon
  15. The Journey of a Hardluck Asthmatic to Gallant Asthmatic, or why it's easier to control asthma in 2010 as compared to the 1970s and 1980s when I grew up
  16. Josie Goofus: The Asthmatic you don't want to be
  17. I am your respiratory therapist
  18. Kid asthmatics love their respiratory therapists
  19. Asthmatics can't live in a bubble
  20. When it's asthma it's personal for me
  21. Asthmatics can still attend hunting camp

Types of Asthma Doctors and wisdom about doctors:

  1. The 6 types of asthma doctors
  2. The 24 signs of a great asthma doctor
  3. You and your doctor must be an asthma control team
  4. Is your doctor doing a good job
  5. Do You Need An Asthma Specialist?

Additional asthma wisdom:

  1. Advice for parents of asthmatics
  2. Five things that could get in the way of a healthy you (and how to get around them!).
  3. What's it like to be intubated?

Asthma Book Reviews:

  1. Start the asthma talk with "Alphie's Attack!"

Fun Asthma Writings:

  1. Santa's elves working on new asthma medicine

Morph to Hardluck Asthma where I delve into the past and future of asthma.

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