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Monday, January 22, 2007

Asthma/ COPD medicine

The following are the asthma/ COPD meds:

  • Albuterol inhaler (rescue inhaler that every asthmatic/ COPDer should carry at all times)
  • Xopenex inhaler
  • Xopenex solution (I refer to this as Hoaxenex. It works, but is not better than Ventolin)
  • Pirbuterol (Another alternative rescue inhaler)
  • Albuterol solution (for the nebulizer. It's cheaper and works just as well)
  • Advair (A top line asthma medicine meant to prevent asthma. Has both serevent and flovent in it. (See Q&A)
  • Symbicort (A top line asthma medicine meant to prevent asthma. Has both formoterol and Pulmicort in it (See Q&A)
  • Flovent (The best steroid inhaler)
  • Pulmicort (solution good for kids or adults who can't take steroid inhalers)
  • Serevent (no longer recommended for asthma. Can be used for COPD)
  • Atrovent (proven to improve work of breathing in emergency room) No longer a top line preventative for most asthma patients. May benefic hardluck asthmatics and COPDers who need nebuliizers. Otherwise, Spiriva is better)
  • Spiriva (proven to improve lung function in COPD patients
  • Combivent (a COPD medicine. Combination of Ventolin and Atrovent)
  • Theophylline (recommended now only for hardluck asthma or COPD)
  • Tilade: (There are now better asthma meds than this)
  • Intal: (There are now better asthma meds than this)
  • Epinephrine (Now only used as a last ditch effort in hospitals)
  • Susphrine (No longer made. See post below for more information, or click here and here.)

Answering your questions regarding Asthma Medicines, new and old:

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