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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Can you do an EKG faster than me?

I can do EKGs faster than anyone in the world, and I can do them better than anyone.  I can do in two minutes what most EKG techs can do in five or ten.  I can do a breathing treatment more efficiently than any one else too.  I have no idea why it would take ten minutes to do a breathing treatment when it only takes me five, unless I get involved in a good conversation that is.  And I should be good at it considering I've been an RT 15 years and I have had nebulzers at my home for 30.  I'm just good at doing breathing treatments.  Fast and efficient, I am. 

Now I'm not writing this to be arrogant and egotistical, I'm writing this to make a point.  I want to make an absurd point by being absurd.  So I am faster than anyone at doing EKGs and breathing treatments.  I'm just that good.  So that means I get my work done faster than your average Joe.  That means I have more time to play.  And I do play.  I go on the Internet in my free time and I blog, or I read the news or sports online.  That's what I enjoy doing.  That's what I do to keep my morale up. And if my boss doesn't like it... well, we just won't tell my boss. 

Actually, my boss knows I do this.  

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