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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Treat hypercapnea with hypoxolin

Symptom:  hypoxia, high CO2, pulmonary edema

Diagnosis:  Heart failure

Frequency:  Q4-6

Effect:  The patient wearing a 75 percent non rebreather mask to maintain an spo2 of 90% must be given Ventolin because it causes the patient to become hypoxic during the treatment.  Yes, you read that right.  The goal here is  that the 5-10 minutes of hypoxia that occurs during the treatment will increase the patient's respiratory rate in order to blow off excess CO2. Respiratory Therapist grumbling to be expected.

Note for doctors who barely passed med school:  A breathing treatment from an oxygen source provides approximately 60 percent oxygen.  A nonrebreather does not produce 100 percent oxygen because one flap is always missing due to litigation purposes, and this results in an estimated FiO2 of 75 percent.

If 75% Fio2 was maintaining a 90% SpO2 you can expect the patient's SpO2 to drop to 85 percent during this highly recommended therapy.  In England this exercise is called hypoxia therapy, yet here in America we don't want to be that obvious, so we just call it an Albuterol breathing treatment.


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