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Friday, April 6, 2012

Snot's easy, so be an RT!

Many nurses say they don't want to be RTs because they don't like to deal with snot.  Yet I contend that snot's much easier than dealing with wiping butts and turning patients all the time. And besides, it's not like we have to do snot all the time anyway. 

Plus doing snot (i.e. suctioning) is contained in the catheter, doesn't smell (well, most of the time) and is an invasive procedure that you can excel at.  In other words, you can get good at it just like wiping butts.  Yet excelling at snot sucking is something you can be proud of, especially as you develop a "schmood" technique.

So that's one thing I could never understand.  How can you be good at turning patients, wiping butts, and dealing with blood,  IVS, drawing blood, dealing with stressful decisions, not mixing up your drugs and giving them on time, yet not want to be an RT because you might on occasion have to deal with sputum.

Nice thing about being an RT is we don't touch anything below the belt. 

Yes I will say it here:  snot's easy.  Don't let snot sway you away from being an RT.


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