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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Easter is one of those holidays that seems to get forgotten in the flux of hospital life.  In most of the hospitals I've worked for it's not even considered a holiday at all.  Yet it is:  Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ.  It may actually be a celebration of the most important gift of all time.

With 85-90 percent of Americans celebrating this day, you'd think the hospitals these Christians work for would likewise celebrate it.  Where I work 100 percent of the administrators, and 100 percent of all the members of the hospital board, are Christians.  They all celebrate Easter.  Yet they still don't consider it a holiday.

On one of the most important days in the Christian world, many RTs are expected to work today.  Many good folks sacrifice time with their family to take care of others, and in my opinion they all deserve due respect.  Hospitals should consider this day a holiday, and pay these good workers time and a half.

So to all those who are making the sacrifice today, we herald you.  HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!!

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