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Thursday, November 27, 2008


There are a few things that every body needs:
  1. A good bed
  2. A nice pair of shoes.
  3. Good toilet paper
  4. A good job
  5. A good friend
  6. For asthmatics, a rescue inhaler
  7. For those with something to say, a blog
  8. Water and soap and showers
  9. Toothpaste
  10. Heat

Today, on this special day, I am thankful for all 10. I also want everyone to know that I have not used my rescue inhaler in 15 days. My old record was one day.

So, I suppose you can say I'm thankful for the modern way.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone


Glenna said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Trauma Junkie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nice post. It's great that you haven't had to use your inhaler in 15 days.