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Monday, January 22, 2007

COPD Wisdom

Sources for COPD Wisdom:

  1. COPD blogs and resources
  2. Related blogs and recommended links
  3. COPD
  4. COPD Lexicon
  6. The Sputum Lexicon
  7. The PFT Lexicon


  1. Lung Medicine Lexicon (coming soon)
  2. MDIs: Priming the pump
  3. How heart failure is treated

Basic COPD Wisdom:

  1. What causes COPD? .
  2. What is COPD? (Click here for more)
  3. Early warning signs of COPD
  4. Signs of COPD related anxiety and depression
  5. The COPD Action Plan
  7. What causes COPD exacerbations?
  8. Severe or end stage COPD
  9. What is heart failure (CHF)
  10. Tips for living with end stage COPD
  11. How should COPD be treated?
  12. Here are signs of worsening COPD
  13. Life expectancy of COPDers
  14. Life expectancy of CHF
  15. COPD medicines
  16. What is a blue bloater
  17. COPD more common that previously thought
  18. Most people who smoke are not evil

Facts and tips about smoking:

  1. 20 Reasons to quit smoking
  2. More good reasons to quit smoking
  3. Smoking is no longer the IN thing
  4. 20 reasons to quit smoking if you have asthma

Interesting facts about COPD:

  1. Are bronchodilators safe: a q&a about Ventolin and Atrovent
  2. How do I know how much lung damage I have?
  3. Some basic facts about COPD you should know
  4. Asthma or COPD: Which one do you have?
  5. Types of airflow obstruction (Asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, or a combination)
  6. The link between asthma and COPD
  7. Myth busted: Influenza does not cause nausea!
  8. Everything RTs need to know about pneumonia
  9. What is CPAP and BIPAP?
  10. Asthma/COPDers should avoid pop & beer
  11. The hypoxic drive theory: Why do we breathe?
  12. The hypoxic drive theory: debunked
  13. The Hypoxic Drive Theory: completely debunked
  14. The hypoxic drive theory: Should be still taught
  15. The hypoxic drive theory: The CO2 retainer
  16. The hypoxic drive theory: reality or simply a hoax?
  17. Furosimide nebs may decrease COPD dyspnea
  18. "I'm not sorry I have COPD," she said
  19. Pneumonia: Here's how you can prevent it
  20. New drug combo may greatly benefit COPDers
  21. It's time to excercise!!! (COPDers should exercise too!)
  22. Bronchospasms don't always wheeze
  23. I'm featured on COPD News of the Day
  24. My Q&A with Roxlyn Cole, a COPD patient
  25. New hope for those who want to quit smoking
  26. Are we prolonging life, or delaying death???
  27. No Vent, DNR, or full code: what's your choice?
  28. What's it like to be intubated?
  29. Inhaled steroids don't cause pneumonia
  30. COPD associated with anxiety, depression
  31. Types of airflow obstruction
  32. CTs may lead to early COPD intervention

Types of COPDers and Inspsirational stories:

  1. The 5 types of COPD patients
  2. Mrs. Flowers and her quilt
  3. Neil Cavuto chooses to enjoy life, despite illnessess
  4. The God fearing patient

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