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Friday, May 27, 2022

What is your purpose in life?

I read a good article recently in one of my health communities. It was by a fellow contributor at called "Living Your Life, On Purpose." Latoya in this post talks about how each of us yearns to know our purpose in life. And I am no exception. 

For years I have asked God: "What is my purpose? What do you want me to do?" And I prayed about this nearly every day of my life from the age of 18 to 51. And of course, here I'm 51 years old and still asking Him this same question: "What is my purpose?" 

And it occurs to me: "I'm 51 years old. You'd think God would have spoken to me by now. You'd think I'd be aware of what my purpose in life is. You'd think I'd be aware of my mission in life. "What do you want me to do with my life, Father?"

But, a pastor friend of mine had a saying. It was this: "Your prayer may have already been answered." 

So, this got me to thinking. "Did God already answer my prayer? Am I already doing what God has placed me on this planet to do? 

Well, I am a dad of four kids. I am doing my best to set a good example for them. I am doing my best at helping to guide them and prepare them for this difficult world that we live in. I spend quality time with them. 

I am also a respiratory therapist. I touch the lives of many people during the course of my work. I help people out with my medicine. Although, I also touch people through the many discussions that I have. And most people that I communicate with seem to like me. And I educate them. And I teach them. 

We talk about Faith. We talk about God. We talk about life in general. And I believe I touch them with the hand of God as he speaks through me. And this got me to thinking that I am a temple. I am a shephard of God. I touch so many lives. And I do this without even realizing it. 

Here I am a writer. I share what I learn on this blog. I write about respiratory therapy. And I have had many students email me to let me know how helpful I am for them. And I have patients who are happy to see me after I'm off work for three days. 

So, what is your purpose in life? Are you already doing it? 

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