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Thursday, May 26, 2022

My Question About Bias Training?

I have a question for you. So, we in healthcare have to go through Bias Training. This is a mandate set forth here in Michigan by our great governor. And the whole idea of bias training is we all have unconscious thoughts that give us biases. And that we consciously act out on our unconscious biases. 

So, my question is this: If I am having unconscious thoughts, that means that I don't know I am having them. So, if I don't know I am having these thoughts, how do THEY know I am having them and that I will or might act out on them? How do they know this? Can they read minds. 

And this is health related, of course. Its health related because our great governor mandated bias training on all health care people. So, the next time we get our licenses renewed, or if we get new licenses, we have to go through this training. 

And it's for a noble cause. The goal is to prevent bias in healthcare. There is evidence that some black people are treated poorly due to their race. And this should never happen. And the governor wants to make efforts to make it better. I do think this is a noble concept. My question is: Is bias training really the way to go about it? 


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