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Monday, May 8, 2017

How can we make the RT profession better?

The following is a guest post.

By Wanda Bunch
I'd like to voice my frustrations as a Respiratory Therapist today. I'd like some ideas or suggestions on how we can make changes on a state level for Respiratory Therapist. I want my ideas/opinions/ and my voice to be heard.

I LOVE being a therapist (5 years) in Oklahoma. The respect and understanding of what we truly are capable of doing needs to be recognized. Our career (notice I didn't put job) is in jeopardy due to health care changes and we need to grow with the changes; so our career path we choose can continue to exist.

It sadness me to hear therapist of under 10 years talk about being burnt out due to being disappointed (due to department leadership and policies ). I feel the field has become stagnant with old policies/ goals/ and career ladder.

YES we have them available to us. I feel strongly about my career choice and want to continue to Excel at it and make improvements. So all therapist around the US should be asking themselves if we want to better this career and it to continue to exist 

What do we need to do to better the system?

So my questions to all of you.

  1. How do we get changes made on a state level? 
  2. Why are some states so behind in our field (Oklahoma)?
  3. How do we get rid of this stagnant ideas/policies and leadership?
  4. How can we bring up the morale among us and others?
  5. How can we encourage health care professionals that they need us and worth so much more?

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