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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Respiratory Karma, or the case of spilled water

So I'm walking down the hallway with a nice hot cup of coffee. Now I'm ready to tackle the night shift, my one 12 hour night shift per week. It's one of those areas of the hospital that sees little traffic after hours.  I'm walking down this hall and I hear the sound of a door squeaking behind me, and as I turn to see who it is some of my coffee spills.

I think to myself: I better clean this up before someone slips and falls.  Yet I'm also thinking: I will probably forget, because I know myself.  Then thoughts of being paged to the emergency room for a conscious sedation on one of my coworkers who slipped and fell on that spot roll around in my gray matter.

Then I think: These are the voices of my conscience, something every Catholic has.

So I decide I better grab a towel and get back down there to clean it up.  But I forgot.

Several hours pass.  I decide I need a cup of coffee.  On the way down that same hallway my shoes start to squeak.  This was when I realized what I forgot to do.  I did not fall, thankfully.  But my point is that the person my own conscience tried to save was myself.  Go figure.

But I suppose this lesson also shows how good the new flooring is at preventing falls. Yes, that is the moral to be learned here.  Scientists have done a wonderful job of creating non-slip flooring, and it was well worth the money the hospital spent on it.

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