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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Is Brovana a rescue inhaler?

Your Question:  Is there any evidence of Brovana as a rescue medicine.

My Answer:  Brovana is a Long Acting Beta Agonist that should never be taken more frequently than twice a day.  It helps to keep your airways open long term so you need your rescue medicine less often.  Still, if you get short of breath between doses, you can use your rescue medicine.  Studies show that Brovana starts to open airways within a median time of 6-7 minutes. This means that it can work quicker in some patients.  I usually recommend my patients use their Brovana first if it is close to being due, and, if they continue to feel short of breath after 10-15 minutes, to then use their rescue inhaler.  Usually my patients tell me the Brovana works great toward helping them get their breath back and they do not use their rescue inhaler at that time.  So, Brovana is not a rescue inhaler, but it can still make your breathing easier just like a rescue inhaler.  Please note, however, that Brovana, like all other LABAs, should never be used more frequently than prescribed, which is usually once or twice a day.  

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