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Friday, December 27, 2013

Wonderful things in the healthcare air

I find that there are some wonderful things happening in healthcare lately.  I see hospitalists being gentle and kind to their patients, and kind to nurses and respiratory therapists.  I see ER doctors likewise being cordial and amiable.  I'm not sure what's in the air, but whatever it is, I like it.

Today I was in the emergency room and was doing an ordered EKG on a patient, and the patient said, "I could really go for one of your treatments.  Albuterol really works well on me."

"Well," I said, "then I'll stop doing this and get you a treatment."  I did.  I stopped doing the EKG and whipped up a albuterol treatment.  Then I did the EKG and took it to the doctor.

Now, in the past, there were some doctors who would be grumpy control freaks. They insist that nothing be done until they order it, no matter what.  So there was a risk in thinking for myself.

So I handed the doctor the EKG and I said, "So, do you mind if I give him a treatment."

He said, "I want you to.  I just ordered it."

I said, "Oh good, I already started it."

He said, "Great job!  Great minds think alike."

Wonderful things are in the air.  I like this new friendly milieu

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Anonymous said...

Value-based purchasing (AKA Pay-4-Performance)... Medicare/Medicaid has begun basing their payments on patients satisfaction survey (HCAHPS) results, among other things. This is forcing more patient centered care, doctors to be nicer to their patients, and hospitals to hire doctors with more interpersonal skills.