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Sunday, December 29, 2013


Medicine: Fulmicort

Symptoms: wet, harsh audible wheeze (what smart ass RTs call a cardiac wheeze)

Diagnosis:  Renal Failure, sepsis, systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS), noncardiogenic fulminating edema and faux sepsis

Frequency:  BID

Effect:  Fulmicort is thought to fimilate failing fibers in the frenal fibules in order to increase renal function to soothe annoying throat noises made by excess fluid in lungs.  It works great for noncardiogenic foaming fulmonary edema. 

The medicine crosses into the bloodstream where a ventolin-like soothing foaming scrubbin bubblin action cleanses and smoothens the linings of all vessels in order to wash away (scrub away) unwanted arterial inflammation that results from sepsis and it may also have an effect of sterilizing the lungs, thus eliminating the need to worry about sepsis.  

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