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Sunday, June 2, 2013

We are taught to be doubters

I always admire people who are confident and certain about what they believe in. I even feel this way when the person who is confident is someone I disagree with, or when they are talking about a topic I disagree with.  I like this quality in a person.  It can be annoying sometimes, but I like it.

I like it because people are not taught to be certain anymore.  People are taught to doubt what their parents and grandparents taught them.  People are taught, in fact, to doubt who they really are.  People are raised these days to doubt what they believe, American history, the Church, Christianity, principles, you name it. 

Now, doubt is a different thing than questioning and curiosity.  The way people are raised today it's virtuous to be unsure, virtuous to have doubt, because that equals open-mindedness.  A closed mind is one which is made up, and that isn't good. 

That's one of the major problems with our society today, is too many people are  uncertain about themselves because they are taught in school, taught by the media, to be uncertain.  If you are uncertain, then it makes you easier to entice into believing what they want you to believe.  It makes it easier to get you to vote for the people they want you to vote for.  It' makes it easier to get you away from age, old, rock solid, conservative institutions like whatever your religion is. 

I do not like this doubt education.  I am more of an old school, stick to your principles kind of guy.  I have written about this adnauseum lately on one or another of my blogs.  I like confidence.  I like people who know what they stand for and stand up for what they stand for no matter what. I like people who do not cave to adversity. 

In summary, I think that we must not doubt ourselves.  We must not doubt our principles.  We must not doubt our religion, what we must doubt is our politics.  Religion is what it is.  Religion must be etched in stone.  It's always there.  No matter what path we take in life, no matter what whim we have today, our religion will always be there. People should have blind faith in their religion, because that's what religion is all about, faith. 

To be part of a church you change, your church doesn't change.  You invest in your religious beliefs.  You invest in your church.  you invest in your faith.  You do not doubt your faith.  It's politics that you're supposed to be a little curious about, uncertain of.  You should question people in politics. There is no doubt about that.

You doubt yourself, you doubt your religion, and you will have no place to turn in time of need.  Politics will never care for you the way you care for yourself.  Politics does not have all the answers, and religion does.  Politics will let you down, religion never will.  This is why you should not doubt your religion. 

It's for this reason that socialist nations try to get rid of religion.  They want you to doubt religion so you can worship the state.  They want the state to be your religion.  They want you to doubt yourself and worship your state religion.  They want you to have total faith that their experts have all the answers, and are fully capable of solving all your problems for you.


Anonymous said...

Why do you feel that people must believe in religion in order to have faith? One does not absolutely need a religion to become or just be a good and moral human being. In your view what is the difference between religion and spirituality? I questioned the religion I was raised in because it hurt people, tore my family in half, and was not very Christ like at all. (Jehovah's Witnesses aka cult) Although, I do not believe in religion that does not deter my faith in God. As for politics, don't rely on these people. Rely on yourself.

Rick Frea said...

First of all, this was a poorly written post by me. I think it was written on emotion after I decided I like Pope Francis because he supported the Church when others were trending the other way. Instead of going with the flow of his nation (pro choice, etc) he did not change his views. I'm not saying he was right or wrong, more that he stuck to his principles. I didn't mean this to be a bash on people who are atheist, etc., as atheism in itself is a religion with ideas and principles. Although, if we doubt the principles we were raised on, it's easier for other people to sway us to do things we might not want (like freedoms taken away).