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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Real Drs Creed: Hypoxic Drive Hoax Revisited

What follows is what will be added to the new addition to the Real Physician's Creed: How to take care of Pesky RTs. Again, this is TOP SECRET information for physician use only, and was never intended to be released among the RT community.
My source for this TOP SECRET information will be kept anonymous, because if his peers find out he is the leak, he will be banned from the medical community at best, or ridiculed at worse. 

Page 10,400
Appendix 8

Real Physician's Creed: Hypoxic Drive Hoax Revisited

Date: April 9, 2012
From: Dr. Al Buterol, M.D., President of
To: Dr. Ven Tolin, president of the Dr. Creed Association

Basically the hypoxic drive theory was created as an excuse to get physicians off the hook for when a patient dies of hypoxia.  It was originally intended to cover COPD patients, although we have extended it to include patients with severe asthma, lung cancer, cystic fibrosis, etc. It also includes every person who ever smoked, whether they are a CO2 retainer or not.

Since most people smoked in 1962 when Mr. Campbell gave his great presentation to the physicians of the American Medical Association, this theory seemed like a very good idea -- it made us all feel good.  And just think about it, if our own fake theories make us feel good, that's a bonus.  This new hoax pretty much got us physicians off the hook in most cases where we were sued for a patient dying of anoxia (for those who barely graduated medical school, that means lack of oxygen to the brain).  This new hoax pretty much got physicians off the hook in most cases.

However, the bimbo heads in Washington continue their quest to get people to quit smoking, and this has put a damper on our profession.  Since fewer people smoke today, this has resulted in increased litigation, and there be your reason for all the increased medical costs and all the warnings on medicine that most people ignore.  We owe it all to evil lawyers who now have an open door to suing us because our hoax is no longer valid as often as we'd like due to people no longer being ignorant.

Now it also appears that some incompetent physicians and nosy respiratory therapists are on to our hoax, and are out to expose our efforts. This would be terrible because it would make us out to be wrong, and you know the medical profession is always right.

So my effort by sending out this memo to all my fellow physicians is to remind you of the importance of the hypoxic drive hoax, and the importance of the efforts to ignore RT efforts to inculcate the idea the Hypoxic Drive Theory is really a hoax.  We know it is, but we don't want lawyers catching on to this, because that would result in lawsuits when when we intentionally keep COPD patients hypoxic.

Keep up the good work fellow Dr. Creed members.  We must continue our quest to keep anyone outside the medical profession ignorant.


Steve RT said...

Is this real?? I understand denial is the first response to something outrageous. This just seems to be way out there for a DR. to write a letter to other DR. with such content, vs. having a conversation with its group so there is no evidence of that the conversation even took place. Who ever wrote that article is not very smart either way.

Rick Frea said...

Said articles are a fun way of saying there are areas of the medical profession that could be improved upon.

FF/Medic said...

I suppose Steve must've missed the names of the docs that signed on this.

He ought to know both of them quite well.