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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Supertropium Bromide

143. Supertropium Bromide

Symptom: any general ailment outside the pleural spaces of the lungs

Diagnosis: general

Frequency: Varies

Effect: Has a high affinity of Ventolin type particles in the lungs. This is important, because Ventolin is a great medicine, but at a size of 0.5 microns will only cause bronchodilation unless helped along by Supertropium Bromide. This medicine in effect works like a GPS system and litterally guides the Ventolin to wherever in the body the physician has directed it to go.

Also, Supertropium has a certain metalic property so that it allows the newly patented GPS-GLAS system track the progress of the patients air passages, including the level of fluid. 

Note: In order for this product to work physician must have the newly patented GPSoscope. Physician doesn't have to be present for medicine to work, all he has to do is dial in designation from the comfort of his own home. Recommended use with all above Ventolin Types. Comes individually packaged as Ipatromium Bromide or in combination with the Ventolin Type of your choice in the form of Duoneb.

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