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Friday, February 15, 2013

Hardluck Asthma has made me famous

People who read my blogs on a regular basis know that it was me who came up with the term Hardluck Asthma.  I am the first person in the world to define Hardluck Asthma as asthma that is difficult to control even when you are on all the best asthma medicines.

It was me, or at least it was me and my editor at the time, Joy Buchanan, from the HealthCentral Network. She gave me the idea of creating the types of asthma, and after planting that seed in my mind, I came up with eleven types.  Since then I've added to the list, but back in 2008 it was eleven types.

Hardluck Asthma was one of the original 11 types of asthma.  And while I never intended for it, Hardluck Asthma ended up being the term that would define me.  It got to the point that even my own asthma blog became known as Hardluck Asthma.

I don't really pay attention to what people say about my writing.  I don't follow other blogs as much as I should.  So I'm basically clueless of what people are saying about my writings, and, for the most part, I just assume what I write isn't discussed at all by other bloggers.

However, I have had people from time to time use the term Hardluck Asthma when referring to their asthma in questions to me.  And, as I was surfing the net yesterday, I found that my Hardluck Asthma was even defined at WebAnswers as follows:
Question:  What is Hardluck Asthma?
Answer:   Hardluck asthma is a type of asthma which is very difficult to manage. Asthmatics with this type of asthma often have bad asthma episodes, however compliant they are with their preventative medicines. This type of asthma can happen to any asthmatic from infant to adult.
So I'm famous.  A term that I created is now a commonly used term.   It's kind of neat, actually.  It's kind of neat to have something I created with my editor become a common part of medical nomenclature.

Yet I promise it will not go to my head.  You can see the original exchange here.  You can view my original articles here, herehere and here.  You can view my blog here


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