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Saturday, December 8, 2012


I notice that there have been a lot of prisoners admitted to the emergency room lately who've been given breathing treatments.  No, they aren't short of breath.  No, they have no respiratory history.  No, they have no cardiac history.  No, they are not frothing at the lips.  No, they have no indications that I can see for the treatment. 

So, then why are we giving them treatments then?  Well, I've come up with a guess, it's:

imprisonolin: Designed to connect to beta adrenergic receptors on handcuffs to relax the cuffs.  Warning:  May increase risk of escape.

Yet the patient pretends to be short of breath, you see, because they are aware of this new medicine.  Obviously the officers have no clue.  The doctors probably don't know they're giving it either. 

Surely I'm just being facetious here, but being a scientific minded person who likes to do things based on facts, this is my conclusion. 

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