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Monday, October 22, 2012

Advantages and disadvantages of being an RT

Just for fun I thought I'd make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of being a respiratory therapist:

  1. Don't have to wipe butts
  2. If a patient is annoying you do your job and get out
  3. Joy of helping people feel better
  4. Meeting people
  5. Being part of a team
  6. Saving lives
  7. Your skills save live
  8. Your medicine and tools make people feel better
  9. Your company and soothing words makes people feel better
  10. The challenge of managing a ventilator
  11. The joy of a successful ABG poke
  12. The joy of making something miserable simple
  13. Educating patients
  14. We are professionals
  15. We can take a break whenever you want
  16. We're not trapped in one area
  17. If it's slow you can use the Internet or gossip
  18. If it's slow you can read a book
  1. Lots of walking
  2. Stupid doctor orders
  3. About 80 percent of what we do isn't needed
  4. Doctors often don't care what you think
  5. Hospital politics
  6. Some nurses treat us as ancillary staff
  7. Not many advancement opportunities
  8. You carry a pager and it can go off when you don't want it to, like while you're eating
  9. Respiratory Therapy Apathy Syndrome
  10. Burnout from being overworked

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migrainer said...

Happy RT Week! Hope your hospital's treating you right!