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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Two types of doctors: Impatient vs Peaceful

So we have two doctors with polar personalities.  Frank Impatient must have everything done right now, and lacking such promptness he becomes particularly irritable.  Peaceful Patient is partially patient and ideologically indulgent.  

Frank Impatient is a doctor who shares his adrenaline rush in a negative fashion and has everyone up in arms and flustered.  The tasks his co-workers are doing appear to be completed with all thumbs, and this makes progress slow.  The milieu of the room is tense, and even while someone might have an idea to benefit the patient, no one wants to speak because Mr. Impatient is highly critical, easily angered, and constantly says, "Come on!  Come on!"

Mr. Impatient intubates the patient out of panic rather than smarts, and he's so focused on the job he doesn't realize the sats are dropping.  He orders an ABG and complains because it's not done already.  The RT is flustered and misses the poke.  Mr. impatient gets irritatingly irate. 

Yet in another room Peaceful patient remains accommodating, calm and composed and he encourages his co-workers to do the best they can.  He's open to ideas and ideas are flowing from one mind to another.  He understands his demeanor of equanimity disseminates a calm and productive milieu.

Dr. Patient's deportment brings out the best of his staff.  His personality glows.  He's persevering and persistent, tolerant and understanding, and everyone loves him.


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