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Friday, December 9, 2011

Things that make our job easier/ harder

It seems to be my first 8 years as an RT saw many new things that made our job better. I'll list some examples here:

1.  Microprocessor ventilators:  work with patient instead of other way around
2.  MicroprocessoBiPAPs:  easy to use, pts tolerate them, and they keep people off vents)
3.  Computer charting:  no longer have to hunt for charts, easy access

However, in the past five years every thing added has made our job harder:

1.  Order sets:  RT procedures automatically ordered even so all bases are covered, increases workload
2.  Protocols called order sets:  increases workload
3.  Medicine locked up:  Inconvenient to get to medicine
4.  Obamacare:  Increased need for QA analyzers and order sets
5.  QA analyzers:  who constantly double check our charting (nit pickers, that's what I call them)

Can you name any more things that have made our jobs easier or harder????


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