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Saturday, December 10, 2011

My discussion with a quality assurance analyzer

Quality Assurance Analyzer:  "This patient doesn't meet criteria."

Me:  "So what do you have to do to get him to meet criteria, order breathing treatments?"

QA Analyzer:  "Yes."

Just another example of why RTs get so burned out.

Here's another discussion;

QA Analyzer:  "Did you do any breathing treatments on that kid today?"

Me:  "No."

QA Analyzer:  "Oh!  If you did I could note him as meeting criteria.  Yet otherwise I don't think we can justify the visit."

Me:  "So do you want me to lie and chart that I did one?"

QA Analyzer:  "Yes."  She smiled.

Of course I was joking and I didn't.  Yet this is yet another example of why the government setting criteria is ridiculous. 


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