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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Protein in raw mild may prevent asthma/allergies

Reuters reports on a new study that shows that children who drink raw milk were less likely to get asthma as compared to children who drank pasteurized mild.   The theory is that certain proteins destroyed during the pasteurization process are useful in helping the immune system stay strong and fit.

Reuters quotes one experts as saying this may present scientists with a double edged sword.  While pasteurization kills unwanted bacteria from mild, it may also kill necessary proteins we need.

Another reason that pasteurized mild might do is prevent infants from getting exposure to certain bacteria necessary for a proper immune maturation process.  The Hygiene hypothesis states that infants not exposed to certain bacteria may develop asthma.  This study may be added proof of this hypothesis.

While raw milk tastes down right terrible in my humble opinion, many people believe pasteurization is not needed and raw milk has many health benefits, such as preventing asthma and allergies.

While further studies will be needed, this study may be further proof that the modern Western world is causing asthma.  Other theories suggest our modern diet, genes, pollution, Tylenol, c-sections, lack of breast feeding, premature birth, among others may have a negative impact on the immune system that results in lung inflammation that results in asthma and allergies.


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