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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Greatest Commandment

I had an interesting discussion with a patient recently.  I saw she had a Bible so we discussed the Bible.  Somehow we ended up talking about the Tower of Babel, and we both provided our own interpretations of that story.

 She said she didn't necessarily agree with my interpretation.  She said, "There are many people who read the Bible, and every one of those folks might have a unique way of interpreting different parts of the Bible. That's what makes it interesting."

So we decided we were both right.  (To read my interpretation you can click here.)

 However, in the end, we both decided that every Christian, every person who believes in God, or studies the Bible, however religious, should get two things out of it.

1. Virtues: We must all be virtuous above all else
2. Priorities: We must have our priorities in order

Jesus said (Matthew 22:36-40) that the most important commandment is to believe in God, and the second most important commandment is that you should love your neighbor, and treat your neighbor as you would yourself.

If you have these two greatest priorities in the correct order, proper virtues are sure to follow.  Then as you come to work you should find yourself among friends rather than simply coworkers and patients.


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