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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The 13 Virtues of Rick Frea

In his autobiography Ben Franklin gave us his 13 subjects he used to make him a better person, as I wrote about here. Basically these subjects were what he used to monitor his course through life in an attempt to make himself a better, more successful person.

Each week he would take one subject and focus on it, and at the end of the day he'd recall all his personal contacts, and conversations, and determine how he did. Sometimes he wouldn't do so well, and he'd make an extra effort to do better.

While Franklin's 13 subjects pretty much pertained to what Franklin needed to do to better his life, I think we can all come up with our own subjects that we need to better our own lives. Sure some might be similar to Franklins, yet since every person is unique, every person should be able to come up with unique subjects to focus on.

So, that in mind, I created my own 13 subjects to better Rick Frea:

  1. Equanimity: Always remain the calmest person in the room, especially under stressful circumstances. Do not show anger when your thoughts are challenged
  2. Taciturn: Speak only what will benefit you and others, and think before you speak.
  3. Prioritize: Put everything in it's proper place. God first, then wife, then other people, and finally other things.
  4. Humility: Read the Bible and pray often, and ALWAYS imitate Jesus
  5. Refrain: Don't go on the defense, it makes you look guilty
  6. Frugality: Always be involved in something useful; waste nothing
  7. Discretion: If you are careful you will not get into situations that require you to be brave.
  8. Restraint: Do not judge. Do not talk bad about others. Do not gossip. Do not complain.
  9. Industry: Always be involved in something useful; do not waste time
  10. Sage: When you must speak, ask questions, encourage the other person to question himself or do research.
  11. Compassion: Always be friendly to everyone, as compassion makes up for flaws
  12. Moderation: Avoid extremes; do not indulge in too much of one thing unless you feel you justly deserve it
  13. Charity: Make sure the needs of everyone are taken care of

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