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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The 13 virtues to being a good kid

A virtue by nature is a good quality in you that will help you be the best person you can be, and who is well respected by the people you come into contact with.
  1. Harmony: Stay calm at all times; do not get angry over trifling things
  2. Silence: Speak only what is useful to you and others; speak only when spoken to
  3. Refrain: Don't go on the defense, it makes you look guilty
  4. Restraint: Do not talk bad about other people
  5. Respect: Think of the other person before yourself
  6. Responsible: Get your homework and chores done first, and then have fun
  7. Compassion: Be friendly to everyone, as this makes up for any flaws you have; treat others as you would expect to be treated
  8. Honesty: Telling the truth encourages others to respect you; do what you promise
  9. Charity: Sacrifice your own pride to keep the other person happy.
  10. Humility: Read the Bible and pray often, and always imitate Jesus
  11. Industry: Work hard at everything you do; do the best job you can
  12. Reliable: Do what is expected of you in a timely manner
  13. Honor: Listen to and obey the commands of your parents, teachers and elders

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