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Friday, December 10, 2010

The ideal patient

One of the greatest joys of being an RT for me are the rare moments when I provide RT services to a patient who actually needs it. If you're an RT, I'm sure you understand what I'm referring to.

Today I had an asthma patient. He was a boy, aged 8. He didn't look like the typical asthmatic of old, frogged up on the edge of the bed, shoulders high, fingernails dug deep into the paper covered mattress on the bed.

He didn't look that bad because he was on all the right controller medications. He was on Advair, singular and as needed Albuterol. And, most important, his mom was a good asthma mom. She was wise to the signs and symptoms of asthma, and knew exactly what the best time was to come to the emergency room.

Her son was treated with one breathing treatment, given a small dose of oral prednisone, and sent on his way. If all patients were this intelligent, we RTs would be looking for a new job. Or at least the scope of our practice would be different.

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