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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bronchodilator Osmosis

Here's the deal. A patient who is not quite right upstairs because he took too many drugs when he was younger, and who was off his psyche meds, was threatening to leave the hospital. And, therefore, his psychologist ordered for him to be given a shot.

And, he was refusing the shot, "I just want to go home," he said.

So the nurse who was watching the patient all night -- he was a one on one -- called in the reinforcements. Then, as soon as I walked into the room, the patient said, "Oh, okay, just give me the shot." he cooperated, and moments later all the reinforcements were no longer needed.

As I was leaving the room, one of the nurses said, "Rick, I think that patient calmed down just due to your presence."

"Actually," I said, "It was the fact I have Ventolin in my pocket. Just the fact there was ventolin in the room calmed the patient. Ventolin has magic calming abilities by Osmosis."

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