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Friday, November 5, 2010

I don't do spew! I don't do poo. I'm an RT!

I'd rather waddle in someones diahrrea than do spew. I'd rather sniff the unflushed toilet after a person with a GI bleed just pooped than be in a room where someone is vomiting. Wait! I'm sorry. I hate both poo and spew! Yet if you want me to suck up a big wad of sputum, I'm game.

I'd rather accept a little less pay than deal with that stuff. I guess that's why I have RT behind my name and not RN


Tonic563 said...

I coughed up a huge wad of sputum and started poking it and describing the color and consistency to my mom today. No questioning why I'm in RT school!

Heidi said...

Honestly I thought I'd have a tough time with poo and spew as well as wounds....but you know, once you're dealing with the "person" and not what the person has going on it's actually a little bit easier to deal with the icky. I am, however, glad I am an RT first...and the RN second.