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Sunday, August 22, 2010

What is a real man's sport

So what are the toughest man sports?

6. Soccer is an okay sport when kids are playing it, yet it's not even near as exciting as the rest of the American sports. Basically, the field is too big, and there isn't enough scoring. Professional soccer is even worse. And, in case you're wondering, the reason it's called soccer in the U.S. and not football, is because football is more of a masculine name for a sport, and soccer is a sissy sport thus is deserving of a sissy name. I'd still encourage my kids to play the game, and I'll enjoy watching it, yet it's not even close to my favorite. And understandably so do the rest of the United States folks think this sport is sissy. So why is soccer called soccer in the U.S. (as this post asks)? Now you know. It's boring. It's like watching a game of ping pong. Actually, the reason it's called football is because the game was called association football in England. This was to differentiate it from rugby football. Hence, since the English like to shorten names, they called the game SOCer, with S-O-C coming from the word association, and the er tagging along.

5. Boxing would be #1 on this list, except you cannot watch it on regular TV, which has made the sport nonexistent to the rest of the world. It's one tough sport, but the last time there was a game worth watching the likes of Mike Tyson and George Forman were still playing.

4. Basketball is a good sport, but as one of my friends from college used to say, it's basically a bunch of tall idiots running up and down a court with their knuckles scraping on the ground. And any sport that you have to have the best player in the world on your team to win anything isn't an exciting sport at all. Think the best players in the history of the game, and you'll find a winning team. Since the Celtics and the Lakers have won more than half of all NBA championships, this basically shows you where the best players have landed, and not where the best all time teams have landed. So, basketball can be a very good sport, and I rank it behind baseball and football as my favorite sports, yet as far as for being a man's sport, it's not even close because only the tall can play.

3. Baseball is a good sport all the way around. I love how it lasts three hours or longer. I love a well pitched game, and I love a game where the home team scores a lot of points. I love baseball statistics, and I love baseball statistics. This is a game for everyone. You can be small and you can be tall, you can be round and you can be square. You can fight, and you can sit on the bench and dump whipped cream down your pitcher's underwear. This is a time tested sport that anyone of any age and any size can play. This is truly one of the greatest all time sports. And while I rank baseball as my favorite sport, I have to rank it here as #3 on the all time greatest man's sports.

2. Hockey is a tough sport. You can hit on the run and trip and hope you don't get caught. You can stop the action and get into a brawl. And while you might pay a penalty, it's often worth it. And while you might get a chance to actually play hockey, that's not why you attend the game. Hockey is about fighting, and if that fight were taken out of the sport, it would be a sissy sport like soccer.

1. Football is by far the best sport in America, and worthy of the name football. It's a tough sport. The only exception I'd have to this sport are all the rules. I think they should take out rules that protect the quarterback, and the whistles that call a play dead. I think anytime the ball is free the ball should be in play. This would make it even tougher. Sure there would be more injuries, but it would be worth it. The injury risk alone makes this sport manly.

Sure there's other sports that can be fun, like swimming or ping pong or volley ball or dodge ball (which could have made my list), yet none of them compare with top 5 on my list. What do you think is the toughest sport?


Brittney said...

I've had a debate with friends over this one (the idea that it is a "sport"), but I think long distance running qualifies. Especially ultra marathons. If you are wishing a true team sport then look at cross country. :) It isn't a physical contact sport (aside from some random elbows) but it mentally a tough sport. If you've ever gone out and ran 10 miles you'll know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Apparently you are a very ignorant person. While a "real man's sport" is subjective and undefined, I disagree with your opinions. Basketball, a bunch of tall idiots? Soccer, a boring game? The way I see football, it is a sport where a bunch of big idiots try to pave their way in through using brute force. Ping pong ain't boring. The only reason why "football" is no.1 is probably because you're American. And how the hell does a sport claim a name because one is a "sissy" as you say? Ignorant.

Rick Frea said...

Actually, it's a misnomer that football players are idiots. You actually have to be pretty smart to play that game. And I didn't say basketball players were idiots, it was a quote from a friend I used. Likewise, I was not a ranking of best sports, it was best "manly" sports as in toughness. Actually, if this were a rank of my favorite sports, I'd have to put baseball at the top. Best World Sports, then definitely soccer would be #1. Thanks for the comment. It's keep me thinking and honest.