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Monday, August 23, 2010

Three simple rules for stocking the RT Cave

My rule for stocking is simple: If you take the last one, either a) replace it, or b) make a note of this during report.

Yet, some believe that stock should be done at all times by whomever is available. If you're slow, you better stock. If stock is low, you have to stock it.

These people tend to be more anal than me, and may even get upset that I didn't stock. Yet I never let anything run out. My rule for stocking works pretty well, I think.

The only exception is if you are really busy, like if you have a code and use up a big machine like a Ventilator or BiPAP, you need to make sure you properly put back together the machine so it's ready for the next emergency, or at least make note of this in report.

Otherwise, when that machine is needed STAT, you'll be scrounging around for parts to get it working. And you'll be viewed by others around you as an unprepared RT, and a bumbling idiot because some other idiot was lazy.

Plus, make sure you restock the airway box. I find nothing worse than opening this box up at a code only to find there is no AMBU-bag or no suction equipment. Now you have to go on a hunt for equipment, and you'll again look like an unprepared bumbling idiot.

RT Cave Rule # 44: Stocking rule #1: If you take the last one, replace it.

RT Cave Rule #45: "Stocking rule #2: if you use a big machine like a Ventilator or BiPAP, make sure you properly put it together, clean it, and do a function test so it's ready for the next emergency."

RT Cave Rule #46: "Stocking rule #3: Restock the airway box right away after you use it."

The funny thing is if you follow these simple rules chances are no one will notice, yet no one will be forced to scrounge around in an emergency looking for parts that are needed right now to save a life.

Hence, even when it's not my fault equipment is not where it's supposed to be, I'm the one who looks unprepared. Because of your laziness, I look like a bumbling idiot.

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