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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Vacation of sorts

I know there are some people in my department who might purposely schedule an elective procedure conveniently before their scheduled holiday on, yet I swear that's not what I did. My eye surgery was actually scheduled for earlier, and it was my eye doctor who rescheduled to July 1, 2010. Thus, making it impossible I could work my scheduled holiday.

In my 14 years as an RT I have not one time ever called in sick, at least not spur of the moment. I have never copped out of a holiday, and have always been willing to come in spur of the moment -- even in the middle of the night -- to help out my coworkers. Which is probably why my boss didn't wince when my strabismus surgery was scheduled for July 1, 2010. I think when you're a hard worker, one who seldom complains, such respect is deserving.

I have to say the warm breeze wafting past me as I write this feels something great, and I can hardly remember a moment when I felt greater. This is going to be a great 4th of July if this weather keeps up.

However, the prick and itch of my right eye, and the dull pain there, is enough to make me want to hang low this weekend as opposed to having as much fun as most other folks who so happen to have the holiday off. I still have a little trouble getting my eye to stay open, let alone focus with it.

And even though it's not been busy recently at work, it's still nice to have off. Even if you sit at work for 12 hours and do nothing, your muscles still ache by the end of the day. It's nice to simply rest your mind and your body and enjoy the awesome weather. And of course spend some quality time with the family as well.

I really do appreciate this time off, because of all my years working nights, I almost always either worked the 3rd of July or the 4th, so I was somewhat tired the entire holiday. It's nice to, for a change, have the whole thing off -- even though it took a surgery to get it off.

So, we will definitely appreciate it -- all of it.

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