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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July, 2010

Happy America!!!! Today is the day we must not just celebrate, but remember the people who gave us the opportunity to appreciate what we are doing right now -- enjoying our freedom.

No matter what flaws you see around you, it's always important to
REMEMBER that our founding father's would YEARN for what you and I have- freedom

We must remember the importance of our great Constitution, and we must REMEMBER how the world was before it was signed, and we must remember why we fought in the Revolutionary War. We must REMEMBER why the Revolutionary War was fought, because the King was making laws that took away American Freedoms.

Our founding fathers made this great change so that we would never have to fight for our freedom again, although, as I'm sure they knew, this thing we call Freedom is very fragile.

We have many nations and individuals out there who hate that we have freedom, and yearn to take it away. And we have people even within the U.S. itself who are acting like insidious worms eating it from the inside out without us hardly noticing it's occurring. It's called gradual change of America by attenuation. They know our Constitution forbids one rapid change, so they've decided one small baby step at a time will work great; so gradual we never even realize it's occurring. And it's done in the name of it's-for-your-own-good.

We have people who do not care about the Constitution, and want the Government to control the people. These people want state control -- the exact thing we yearned to escape on that fateful day on 1776 when several audacious founders risked their lives and signed the Declaration of Independence.

In a way, that seems what we are doing right now. Right now, we have people in Washington making laws that are unconstitutional without batting an eyelash. In a way, our country has been under assault since the turning of the 20th century. And recently, without considering whether or not it was Constitutional, Washington passed a Health Care Reform package pent on taking away even more of our freedom.

The reason I think this assault is happening is because the further we get in time to what happened on July 4, 1776, the more we forget, and the more we forget how fragile this thing called freedom is. We must not forget, and that is the reason for the July 4 celebration every year. We must not forget, and that is why we must continue to educate our children about the true story surrounding the 4th of July, the Statue of Liberty, and the hardships of the founding fathers. We must make sure our children are taught an accurate version of history, about the founding fathers, about how it really was, and about the Great Speeches of that time, and about the importance of the U.S. Constitution.

So go out and celebrate. Have fun. Yet don't just celebrate and take your natural God-Given freedoms for granted, because they are and always will be under assault. We must continue to fight either with spoken words, the pen, or even with the sword if we need to, because what we have in this great nation is something special, and something extremely rare in the scheme of World History.

God Bless America!!!
Happy America!!!

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