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Friday, July 17, 2009

28 non indications for breathing treatment

Just a friendly reminder: the following are not indications for bronchodilator breathing treatments:
  1. Dr. ordered it
  2. Don't know what else to do
  3. Nurse wanted it
  4. Pt wanted it
  5. Stridor
  6. Sinusitis
  7. Mesothelioma
  8. Lupus
  9. Laryngospasm
  10. Audible wheeze
  11. Rhonchi
  12. Crackles
  13. M.S.
  14. Homeless
  15. Depression
  16. Pt has home nebs
  17. Pt likes tx
  18. Pt likes company
  19. Bed ridden
  20. History of smoking
  21. Irritating lung sounds
  22. Low SpO2
  23. Trach
  24. Intubated
  25. Post operative
  26. Atelectasis
  27. Fever
  28. Heart failure
  29. Cardiac wheeze
  30. Pneumonia
  31. Pleural effusion
  32. Pneumo
  33. Rickits
  34. RSV
  35. ARDS
  36. RDS
  37. P.E.
  38. Cough
  39. Sputum induction
  40. All wheezes (all that wheezes is not bronchospasm)
  41. All SOB (SOB is not always caused by bronchospasm)
  42. Just because the patient is wearing a mask


Christine said...

Thank you for this post. I've just spent my night giving treatments for many of these listed reasons. Since I'm the only one who works nights, I have no one to complain to.

Rick Frea said...

Thanks christine. We solo-night shift workers need to stick together.

Jan said...

OK help me a new (older) asthmatic. I have a nebulizer and meds at home which I use when my peak flow is in the low yellow zone. I am 2 hours from pulmonalist I use. Am I doing this right? Each ER visit has had breathing treatments as I was breathless and having difficulty breathing.

Rick Frea said...

Hi Jan, it would seem you are doing the right thing. I'm happy to hear you're using your peak flows to help you decide what to do. And, yes, breathing treatments are definitely indicated for asthma.