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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The 100,000 click milestone has been reached

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the RT cave has met yet another milestone. It took all of 21 months, and the RT cave has finally been clicked on 100,000 times. Again I think this is pretty cool since when I initially started this I figured I'd be writing to myself.

It seems things have progressed quite a bit here. At first I'd sit down each day wondering what I would write about, and many times I'd be scrapping just to keep up. Now the list of ideas is so deep I can't even see the bottom. It's like an endless pit.

As other bloggers can attest, we write about whatever is on the tip of our minds, which can vary from day to day. So long as I can keep myself entertained and you interested, perhaps we'll be around for another 100,000 clicks (even if some of them are only for a couple seconds, each is an ego boost for me).

So, I would like to take this moment to once again thank all of my faithful readers and clickerers for finding my blog and finding at least a partial interest in the amalgamate of respiratory minded wit and wisdom of your humble RT.


1 comment:

kerri said...

Woo! Way to go, Rick!