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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cure for asthma discovered

I wrote a while ago I wrote how scientists discovered the asthma gene. Today I would like to be the first to report that scientists at the asthma lab at National Jewish Health believe they have come up with a cure for asthma.

Thankfully I remain good friends with Dr. Dr. Sloof Lirpa, M.D, a pulmonologist at National Jewish Health in Denver Colorado, from my lengthy stay at that hospital when my asthma was really bad back in 1985.

In an email he said a simple blood test will be performed on all newborn babies, and if they test positive for the asthma gene a simple vaccine will be provided to the infant that contains bacteria to stimulate the immune system and, thus, prevent asthma.

"Unfortunately this vaccine will not cure any one who already has asthma," Lirpa said, "But it will prevent newborns from developing asthma, and thus prevent new cases of asthma. By the year 2070 it is possible doctors may no longer be familiar with this now common disease."

In the next few days I will write more about this new cure for asthma, and my discussion with Dr. Lirpa. Until then, I hope you have a great... APRIL FOOLS.

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