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Saturday, March 14, 2009

How to create a successful business (RT Cave)

In the past few days I wrote one post on how to make a better Rt Cave as far as morale and productivity (click here), and one post to show the reason why morale is often low in RT caves across the country (click here).

Today I came across another post similar to mine (better actually) over at RespiratoryTherapy101. He wrote about the techniques used by Scott Adams to run a successful business. They are:
  1. Have fun. Loosen up.
  2. Try something new. Often. Keep whatever works.
  3. No penalty for a new idea failing. Trying is the thing.
  4. Employees are more important than customers.
  5. Stop asking Scott for approval. Just do it.
  6. Managers get to see the financials.
  7. Being a jerk to coworkers is grounds for termination.
  8. Do whatever seems smart and fair to make customers happy.
  9. Watch the competition closely and borrow their best ideas.

Like the anonymous RT over at RT 101, I love #4.

One of my coworkers argues with me that the customer is always right. She even puts her patients so far ahead of herself that she often goes nights without eating.

I said to her, "That's stupid. If you don't eat, if you don't sleep good, if you don't take care of yourself, you are eventually not going to be taking good care of your customer. You need to take care of yourself so you can take good care of your customer -- the patient."

Likewise, RT bosses and administration needs to provide good incentives, good benefits, fair wages, respect, and open ears to the people working for them.

As the anonymous RT writes, "...employees need to feel valued and respected to be productive."

I too wish Mr. Adams would come and talk with the bosses and adminstration up here at Shoreline Medical Center. We all would benefit.

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