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Thursday, March 12, 2009

If I were the boss of the RT Cave...

I've been thinking lately how I would run an RT department if I had the opportunity (not that I would want that job.)

The first thing I would do is anything possible to create a mileau where RTs will want to work for this department. Not only will you be challenged, you will be encouraged to participate. You have an idea, come forward! You will not be ignored.

There are many different ways bosses can run their companies, and the one I would choose is the one that involves the worker in every step of the decision process. That way morale stays high because all the workers know they are a part of everthing the department represents.

You see, my goal in life is to be happy. I believe nothing is really complicated, although some people tend to make things complicated. I would not be one of those people.

Surely we'll have rules and guidelines and policies, yet I'd also leave room for individual thought; some leaway; some freedom to move or (for lack of a better word)... to breathe.

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