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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good advice for hospital administrators

So, in watching the Today Show this morning, I learned that Fortune 500 has named it's top 100 employee friendly businesses in America.

This really was no big deal to me, except when the expert was asked the following question: "What is it that makes these companies so employee friendly?"

The answer: "Most companies put their customers first. All of these companies put their employees first. When your employees are happy, the customers will come."

Aha!!! I have been telling my RT bosses this for years. Finally this has been spoken about some of the most successful businesses. If it works for them, it could easily work for any business -- even a small town hospital.

So providing cheap health insurance, and not involving RNs and RTs in the decision making, has a tendency to frustrate employees. Thus, you create an environment for a revolving door (high turnover rate).

And the people who stay do so becaues they have no choice. A bitter, resentful environment of constant complaining is the result.

Hey, who ever would have thought that if you keep your employees happy, customers would come. Hmmmmm????? Right here at the RT Cave anyone!!


The Tengu said...

This concept of "Happy employees = successful business" has really been a popular topic since the mid-90's. Google is the perfect example of a company that takes care of its people who in turn take care of their employer. It is sad that so many firms fail to realize that their most valuable resource is the human one.

Freadom said...

That's funny you say that, because I never mentioned what companies were in the top 100. Google was, I think,right there in the top five.

Amy said...

I totally agree with your assessment, of course, but off topic--I wonder what the ranking parameters were?

A few years ago, a big hospital in my area (that's part of a nationwide system of hospitals) kept publicizing when it made one of these lists--turns out companies had to turn in an application and pay a fee to be considered at all. I know that's not the case with Fortune 500 rankings, but it makes me wonder HOW they narrowed the list down.

(And Google's def. the best--I've been trying to get Mr. Asthma Mom to send in his programming application there for years, lol.)

Freadom said...

I have no idea. I just like the concept of employees first.