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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back at it

It's hard to get motivated to work after being off three weeks, but when you only have four patients the move is that much easier. It makes me wonder if perhaps the slow economy has made people too poor to become sick.

I have a ton of emails and questions I will go through in the next few days and respond or answer. Bear with me, though, as it might take me some time to get caught up.

We actually planned on going to Florida, but our 2 month old baby girl decided she didn't want to go. Even though I didn't get to enjoy the warm weather -- and it was 90 degrees the day we were gonna go to Disney -- I vowed I wouldn't write in order to clear my head.

Well, my head is clear. So, here we go, refreshed and ready to write some more. Of course if work stays this slow (fingers crossed behind back), I might actually stay refreshed.

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