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Sunday, November 23, 2008

She is a stubborn COPDer

She has COPD
I do ABGs
She thinks 1-2-3
as she exhales long through pursed lips

I shared all my lore
with her before
that smoking is bad
It makes lungs sad.

As her eyes glistened
She sat and listened
"This is no joke.
I will not smoke."

But she did smoke
Now I must poke
So I gather my stuff
Wondering, does she regret her puff

Now she has no air
She shouts, "Not fair!"
"What can I do," I like to say,
"You do not listen anyway."

So she did not listen.
Now my eyes glisten
As I get ready to poke.
I say, "This is no joke.

"The reason you are choking
Is because you are smoking.
If you do not stop you will die
And that is not a lie."

So all frogged up here she sits
"I'm a dummy," she admits
"I'll fix you up," I say
"But smoke no more, or you'll pay."

So now I set to fix her
With my magic lung elixir
And she struggled for air,
saying, "This is not fair."

A whir and a white mist
As I tug on her wrist
As she works to inhale
I set to impale

She has COPD
I do ABGs
So you do not care for yourself,
now I seek sweet revenge as the needle seeps through your skin.

She gasped, "It will not be fun.
But I smoked my last one.
I listen, but think:
"Yeah right."

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