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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I do not like working five days in a row

I do not like working five days in a row
It causes agony and woe.
It makes me feel like shirking.
It makes me not like working.

The first day is fine, the second goes by,
Third and fourth I handle with a sigh.
The fifth my body feels like mush,
I cannot, will not, ever rush

I do not like working five days in a row
I do not like it, did you not know
"So, will you work one more day?"
Oh, pooh. I said yes any way.

Look, boss. It's stress on the brain.
Do you not have empathy?
It makes me feel insane.
All those hours are bane.

I do not like it for money.
I do not like it with honey.
I do not think it's even funny.
Not worth any of your money.

I do not like it with a nurse,
Lips drawn up like a curse.
What could make me feel worse
Than working near a hearse.

I do not like it with a doctor.
I do not like it with your proctor.
I do not like it with bosses.
I'd just as soon cut my losses.

I tire of old sick fools
with eyes like lipid pools
sitting in piles of stool
Lips laced with slimy drool.

"Give me this, give me that."
Like a little kid brat.
I like him, I really do
I just feel like a loo.

My feet feel so old.
My brain turned to mold.
My eyes, oh they water.
My legs teeter totter.

My beeper goes off.
The boss she does scoff:
"Do that and do this."
I feign happy bliss

And now a new order.
Oh, such disorder.
I have to get busy.
My head feels so dizzy.

Then to my dismay
The sick does convey
She has a need for me.
"I can't breathe," says she.

I have exactly what she needs
And I do the good deeds
And I smile while I fix her
With my magic lung elixir

Pride and joy, oh yeah sure.
As I give the misty cure
She inhales deep, as such,
"Thank you very much."

Still my feet are weepy
My eyes are still sleepy
Yet now I feel great mirth
To see what I am worth

Then I pass the higher ranks
With a smile they say, "Thanks. "
With a click I punch out
So glad I did not pout.

I do not like working five days in a row
It's hard work, that I know
Though I'm so, so, so tired.
I also feel inspired.

So I waddle and trudge
through snow and sludge,
Kiss my wife and kids,
Then close my weary lids.

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