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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Okay, enough with the sick kids!

We had another sick kid tonight. He was a one-year-old boy and he was seizing. Perhaps it was due to a fever, but perhaps it was something else. I may never know, as he was shipped off to the big city hospital once we had him stabilized.

He was given Valium and stopped breathing, so we had to bag and ultimately intubate. We actually procrastinated on the intubation hoping he would wake up, but he never really did. He gasped about twice a minute, and had some un-purposeful movements, but that was it.

No previous medical history, the family insisted.

You always wonder if you really get the whole story. The mom and dad brought him in by car, and said he was not acting right for about a half hour before he was seen by a doctor in the ER. Who knows if he was hypoxic in that time and that was why he was still seizing two hours later when he was finally shipped. By this time he was even posturing.

Seriously, this kid never really stopped seizing. After we had him intubated he was stiff to bag. His whole body was stiff. His eyes were rolling in his head. He was seizing. There were three doctors in the room, so I'm sure he was getting the best care possible.

But still, when the Big City Helicopter crew arrived I was thanking them left and right. The little boy was still seizing as the flight crew carted him off.

Due to hippa, though, we might never know what happened. I hate Hippa.

This was my third bad kid in the last year. Three is a charm, and that's enough for a while.

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