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Monday, September 8, 2008

Reasons I do not want to work days

Every once in a while I get this crazy idea that I'd like to some day go to days. So once a year I work a day to remind myself why I work nights.

So, that in mind, the last time I worked a day I created this list.

Reasons I hate working days:
  1. You have to go to bed early.
  2. You have to get up early.
  3. There's nowhere to park.
  4. When you get your work done, there's nowhere to hide.
  5. You have to work around breakfast.
  6. You have to work around lunch.
  7. You have to work around dinner.
  8. You have to work around physical therapy.
  9. You have to work around x-ray
  10. You have to work around baths.
  11. You can never access a chart.
  12. You have to deal with all the doctor's orders.
  13. Everybody's awake and want their treatments.
  14. Patient roulette. That is, you have to deal with patients being shuffled room to room.
  15. There's always some nurse who should have retired years ago.
  16. The annoying, egotystical RNs who used to work nights with you are now working days.


Anonymous said...

You just solidified my desire to work nights.

A second-year RT student.

How do you feel about weekends?

Rick Frea said...

Weekends are great. Even weekend days are great.

Respiratory Therapy eBlog said...

Thats funny that you mention that, I have been debating whether I should work days or nights. My only concern about working nights is if my body will adjust to the hours and if I will just feel tired all the time.

On the off days, when do you fall asleep? Do you end up staying up all night even though you are not working?

Yo mama! said...

aha! So true so true, I hated days, wasn't fond of Nights, but I did get along with the PM shift nicely....Especially when I have the ER...