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Monday, January 1, 2007

My Hardluck Asthma Story

My Hardluck Asthma Story:
Your humble RT Cave blogger is also a lifelong asthmatic.

I used to be a hardluck asthmatic.  Thanks to modern asthma wisdom, better asthma medicine,  and careful avoidance of asthma triggers, living a "relatively normal life with asthma" is now possible.  However, as every asthmatics must never forget, asthma is a disease that pretends to go away, only to re-appear when least expected.

The Asthma Hospital:

In 1985 I was admitted to National Jewish Hospital/ National Asthma Center (Now National Jewish Health). Here are some of my medical records from this asthma hospital:
The 6 Month Stay at the Asthma Hospital:
My humble and, albeit, incomplete and pathetic attempt at telling my story
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